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Every now and then, you’ll hear a guy say “camel women”. Your first idea that pops up might be a picture of a woman that is half camel. This is far from the meaning. It actually means “woman with camel toe” in men’s literature. Guys often talk about camel toe with one another and the subject is appropriate compared to a woman who talks about it. We are not being sexist here either. Women tend to take offense when it comes to labeling them as a “camel toed woman”.

Don’t be mad though. A camel toe is a beautiful thing and nothing you should be ashamed of. In fact, 80% of women have camel toe. If you are lucky to have camel toe – then flaunt it! But don’t do it too often or people may get the wrong idea about you.

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This picture is called the “Wise Camel women” and was created by gamera1985 at DeviantArt.